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About The Captain

Captain Ric Harber has spent 40 years “at sea” and ascending to vessel command , marine consulting and client (Oil Company) offshore representation. Capt. Ric has been a long-time resident of Mono and, during that time, he has developed an extensive network of contacts and has access to a broad spectrum of quality contractors and tradespeople with a repertoire of skills and abilities which is bounded only by the limits of one’s imagination. This network forms the basis of his business, which he launched late fall of 2016.

The Captain`s Perspective

I have found that successful consulting & Project Management ashore and identifying and sourcing reputable contractors, services and tradespeople, was much easier to achieve once I'd looked back upon my seafaring days. One thing my seafaring career taught me is how important it is to be able to rely on those surrounding me ….. my “crew”.... and the selection, sourcing and indeed the keeping of them, is an ability and only developed over time. That same skill-set is the basis of my Project Management company. For example, anyone can open the the Yellow Pages or go online and find a Roofer. The question is, how do we identify, from the roofers listed, just who the good one is ? Time, research, judgment of character and prior experience can only do that. This is the service I am offering. My clients need not make the mistake of hiring the wrong company, I have already eliminated them after careful scrutiny, Furthermore I've nurtured and subsequently secured a healthy working relationship with the quality people, the advantage of such “relationships” is a benefit provided to my clients .

Captain Ric Harber